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Friday, 28 December 2018 20:42

What to Expect for Your First Winter in Greenwood

If you are preparing to move to Greenwood, SC or have moved here recently, you may be wondering what winter is like in the lower Upstate of South Carolina. You may be surprised to find how mild it is, or that it can actually snow quite a bit. Here is your guide to your first winter in Greenwood, SC.


Average Temperatures are Comfortable throughout Winter

Greenwood residents are treated to mild winters, a pleasant change from the harsh winters for people moving from northern and western states. Key statistics include:

  • Highs: 52-60 degrees
  • Lows: 31-37 degrees
  • Snowfall: 1 inch

Do Not Pack Away Your Summer Clothes

If space is at a premium in your house or apartment, you may be tempted to pack and store your summer clothes. In Greenwood, SC, we recommend keeping at least some shorts and short sleeve shirts accessible through the season. You may even turn on your air conditioning in January. Here are some key statistics for December through February:

  • December Record High: 81-degrees
  • January Record High: 82-degrees
  • February Record High: 84-degrees

Keep Your Umbrella Handy

April and May are the driest months in the Lower Piedmont and Upstate regions of South Carolina. December through March, and June through August are the wettest seasons, averaging between 3.5 and 4.5 inches of rain each month. Expect eight or more rainy days during winter. Thunderstorms deliver rain in bursts during the summer, and though storms do strike from December through February, rain often falls in the form of prolonged, multi-day soaking events during winter.

Is It Ever Cold and Snowy in Greenwood?

Greenwood averages about an inch of snow each year, with some winters going entirely without snowfall. However, when it does snow, it can fall fast and furiously. Many longtime residents remember when 8 to 10 inches fell on our town in 1973. As recently as February 2014, several inches blanketed Greenwood, causing work and school closures and delays.

South Carolina cities do not allocate as many resources to snow removal as our northern counterparts, so snow may stick around for a while when it does reach the ground.

Freezing rain and sleet events also impact our area, leading to power outages and poor driving conditions. Average lows are right around freezing during January; however, it is not out of the question for the mercury to dip all the way below zero.

Greenwood is a Great Place to Lease an Apartment

Whether you are considering a temporary work assignment in Greenwood or considering moving to our area long term, this is a great place to live and work. Winters are cool enough to provide a reprieve from summer, but not nearly as harsh as much of the country. If you are ready to learn more about Regency Park Apartments, contact us.

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