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Thursday, 18 October 2018 17:26

8 Advantages of Corporate Housing

Traveling for work is exciting; it provides the opportunity to establish new connections, meet new people, and visit new cities (like beautiful Greenwood, South Carolina!). But living out of your suitcase in an anonymous hotel certainly loses its appeal rather quickly, and it is often exorbitantly expensive.

Corporate housing offers a solution - a convenient, comfortable solution that will make you feel right at home on your extended trip. Top benefits include: 

1. Cost-Savings.

Hotels, particularly those that offer the services and amenities you want, are costly. For some business people and/or their companies, it can be a struggle to realize a strong return on investment in terms of work travel. Corporate housing is far more budget-friendly - and amenities are often much more traveler-friendly!

2. Home Away from Home.

Even a larger hotel suite can start to feel claustrophobic after a few days and nights. Corporate housing options offer a homier feel with comfortable furnishings, laundry, wide screen TVs, high speed wi-fi, housewares, large and small kitchen appliances, bed and bath linens, and more. It’s these touches that make you feel at home: and not having to go out to eat every night also increases your cost-savings!

Depending on the property, you may also enjoy “extras” like fitness centers, pools, picnic spots, and play areas. If you are traveling with your family, these features are a godsend!

3. Safety and Security.

Expect a higher level of security at a corporate housing community which can include video surveillance, monitored sprinkler and fire safety systems, and staff who live onsite and are available to assist you with concerns.

4. Location, Location, Location.

Select a community that is close to your office or workplace. This will save you untold aggravation as you won’t have to fight traffic, face a long commute, and waste money on gas. Because corporate housing caters to traveling employees and business people, they are most often conveniently located.

5. Have some fun!

It’s not all about work! Select a community that is centrally located so you can take advantage of shops, restaurants, services, and cultural offerings, such as museums, shows, sporting events, parks, and more.

6. Reliable, Friendly Staff.

If this is your home away from home, it makes sense that you would be surrounded by courteous, respectful people who are committed to helping make your stay wonderful. Look for corporate housing communities that are inviting and which deliver the services you need to feel comfortable and safe during your stay.

7. Convenience.

Your housing should be clean, comfortable, and convenient. Whether you are on an extended business trip or are making the move to a new location, these fully-furnished, fully-equipped apartments are designed to meet your needs.

8. Flexibility.

Lease terms are often quite favorable when it comes to corporate housing. At Regency Park, leases are offered for as little as 60 days. Leases may be extended should you need to stay longer than the original lease term.. It’s that simple. And when you’re traveling for work, simplicity is golden!

Are you ready for your next extended work trip? Why not relieve a great deal of stress, cut costs, and enjoy a real home away from home this time? The right corporate housing community offers you the comfort and convenience you need so you can get to work, and if you are traveling or relocating with family, they have a home and amenities they can enjoy!

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