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Monday, 03 September 2018 09:30

10 Important Things to Consider When House-Hunting Part 2

In our previous article, we discussed the first five of our list of Ten Things to Consider When House Hunting. Buying or renting a house or apartment in a new area can be an overwhelming experience. We want to help you make the most of your housing search.

Our first five considerations included:

1) Consider Your Personal Home Budget

2) Consider the Extra Costs Associated with Owning a Home

3) Consider Safety and Security

4) Consider How Close You Want to Live to Work and Recreation

5) Consider Your Lifestyle

In this article, we will continue our list:

6) Consider the Housing Market in Your Area

Before you dive into a lengthy mortgage in a new area, it is vital to thoroughly examine the housing market in your area. The same low prices that attract you to a home today, may hurt you when you're ready to sell or upgrade down the road.

Are housing prices in your community on the rise? If not, it may take several years to see any return on your investment. If you do not plan to live in your home for at least three years, it makes more sense to rent a nice apartment.

7) Consider the Value of Your Time

What is your time worth to you and your family? In addition to a mortgage, owning a home requires a significant investment of your time. Ways in which owning a home will require your time include:

  • Lawn maintenance and beautification

  • HVAC maintenance

  • Water Heater flushing and maintenance

  • Management and performance of home repairs

  • Insurance and mortgage management

  • Storm clean up and repair

Even if you are DIY-minded, when you own your home you must ask yourself how much your time is worth? In contrast, renting from an apartment community like Regency includes:

  • Lawn and property maintenance

  • HVAC and other appliance maintenance

  • Storm clean up and repair

  • Home improvements

8) Consider Proximity to Work and Recreation

In addition to the time it requires to effectively maintain your home, house hunters must factor in the time required to travel to their jobs and favorite recreation locations. Property values may be lower in parts of the area that are not as conveniently located to the places to which people regularly commute. Housing prices may increase considerably the closer houses are to great food, parks, and employment opportunities.

In contrast, a quality apartment accessible to work and recreation may be more affordable, especially once you factor in the other considerations in this list. Regency Park is within walking distance to several large employers, shopping, and great restaurants in Greenwood, SC.

9) Consider the Community in Which You Want to Live

Low mortgages may come at the cost of community appeal. When you are searching for a home to buy, it may be worth it to you and your family to consider a higher mortgage for access to great schools, friendly neighbors, and fun activities.

Apartment communities also take on certain characteristics. Regency Park is known for being a quiet neighborhood, with good neighbors, and plenty of family-friendly activities.

10) Consider Who Will Renovate and Update

Finally, it is important to factor in the costs and inconveniences of renovation. Who will update and make repairs to your home? If it is you, will you have time and budget to accomplish your goals? If not you, are your prepared to budget for renovations far in advance? In contrast, apartment communities like ours update homes regularly.

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