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Thursday, 17 May 2018 21:03

10 Important Home Maintenance Steps for Spring and Summer Part 1

Home Maintenance Tips Greenwood SC

We interact with numerous house and apartment hunters, each weighing their options, in order to determine whether they should purchase or lease their next home. As temperatures begin to climb in Greenwood, we are reminded of the of some of the key maintenance steps homeowners, and often renters, must perform to make sure their families are safe and comfortable during summer.

Regency Park in Greenwood, SC absorbs these costs and performs all maintenance, saving you time and money in regular maintenance!

If you are a homeowner, or considering purchasing a home, we have compiled this list of ten important home maintenance steps for spring and summer, beginning below with the first four:

1) Regular Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

HVAC systems are expensive to repair and replace. With an average lifespan between ten and fifteen years, homebuyers should investigate the extent to which their potential new home’s heating and air conditioning system has been properly maintained. To preserve the unit’s effectiveness, lengthen its longevity, and maximize its efficiency, homeowners should perform these maintenance steps each year:

  1. Change Air Filters: You should change your air conditioner’s air filters every month or two-months, depending on the amount of dirt and debris it collects.

  2. Open Supply and Return Vents: Closing vents to seldom used rooms may seem like a means by which homeowners can improve efficiency, but this practice will cause your system to use more energy and ultimately reduce its lifespan.

  3. Check for Leaking Refrigerant: You should never have to replace coolant in your system. If there is a leak, you should have it repaired immediately, before it leads to a more extensive and expensive repair.

  4. Clear Unit of Storm Debris: When storms descend on South Carolina, make sure you clear fallen leaves and limbs from your unit.

  5. Beware of Shorted and Grounded Wiring: If your unit is tripping your breaker, it may be due to shorted or grounded wiring.

Air conditioning gets a workout here in south, central South Carolina; therefore, homeowners must perform maintenance regularly, or contract with an HVAC company to inspect their systems. Home buyers must be wary of poorly maintained systems. Renters should ask questions of property owners and managers regarding HVAC maintenance.

2) Roof Inspection and Gutter Cleaning

After spring and summer rainfall, homeowners should check their roofing for leaks and damage. While you are inspecting your roof, it is a good idea to clean your gutters; otherwise, they can become clogged, leading to poor drainage and potential roof damage.

3) Check and Replace Worn Windows

Homeowners must check their windows for draftiness as they age. Worn windows can allow up to 25% of your home’s air conditioning energy to escape.

4) Lawn care and Yard Maintenance

Falling behind on yard maintenance during a rainy spring and summer can make lawn maintenance even more difficult the following year. For homeowners, and even home renters, important lawn care and yard maintenance steps include:

  • Regularly mowing grass. Many HOAs have specific regulations regarding grass length and color

  • Trimming hedges and pruning trees

  • Checking faucet and sprinkler connections

  • Ensuring proper and effective drainage away from your home's foundation

  • Painting fencing and out buildings

  • Clearing tree limbs from summer storms

Due to the time commitments of yard maintenance, many homeowners and renters choose to hire lawn care professionals. One of the advantages of apartment rental in our community is the inclusion of meticulous property management and the maintenance of beautiful common spaces.

If you’re considering whether to rent or buy, you can download our short, free PDF ebook guide to helping you make weigh your options. In our next article, we will cover several more important home maintenance steps for spring and summer.

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