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Regency Park is Greenwood, South Carolina’s only luxury apartment community. Enjoy gracious, elegant Southern living with a full complement of advantages and amenities. Our apartments are set in a beautiful, tranquil, quiet community where services, schools and hospitals, golf courses, fine restaurants, and terrific shopping are just around the corner.

One feature you will not find a your Regency Park residence is smoke. We offer smoke-free apartments only. Why?

Because it matters to your health and wellbeing.

Our smoke-free environment helps ensure that Regency Park is a clean, healthy community. Secondhand smoke, even in outdoor areas, is harmful to residents. It contains over 7000 chemicals and 70 carcinogens. Smoke is particularly hazardous for children and those with respiratory conditions.

All of our residents deserve to live in a clean, health community without secondhand smoke or the risk of their children and pets coming into contact with cigarette butts strewn across the property.

Smoke-free apartments ensure that our residents are not exposed to this second-hand health hazard; it is possible for smoke to seep through walls and through shared ventilation systems.

If you have ever lived in an apartment formerly occupied by a smoker, you know how difficult it is to remove stains, residue, and odor. Smoke is stubborn, and it lingers even with new carpets and fresh coats of paint. While each of our apartments is thoroughly cleaned and maintained before you move in, smoke can still present a problem. This is a problem we avoid with our smoke-free policies.

Completely smoke-free apartments are integral in our commitment to residents and in ensuring that Regency Park offers only the best experiences. To learn more about how we can help you fulfil your housing needs, please contact us today.

Call us at 864-943-1333 or contact us by email for current rates.